Monday, December 11, 2006

Those free moments that make us rich

There are those moments in life in which everything makes sense. Those fractions of a second that makes everything worth while. We try to hold onto them as long as possible but life always has its way with casting a new wave... Making us focus on the new tasks at hand. More important matters.

These are a few of those moments that I have been fortunate enough to experience.

Have you ever seen a sunset that you can feel in your heart?

Have you ever had such a good laugh that your stomach hurt?

Have you ever heard a baby laugh?

Have you ever felt a slight drizzle on a summer day?

Have you ever seen a double complete rainbow?

Have you ever experienced real love?

Have you ever seen a flock of high flying birds flying north for the winter?

Have you ever seen a flower where the colors clash? impossible!!

Have you ever heard a piece of music that touches your soul and sends a huge smile across your face and tingles down to your toes?

Have you ever smelled the scent of the first rain in the forest?

Have you ever seen the birth of the sun through a cold dark dawn sky?

Have you ever felt the power of lightning?

Have you ever followed an ant on its long path back to its nest?

Have you ever seen a baby smile?

Have you ever laid down deep in the woods at night and steered up at Star filled sky?

Have you ever felt the security of knowing that finally you have met your second half?

Have you ever felt the cool wind on your face at night after a long summer day?

Have you ever had that feeling that you made the right decision when it really mattered most?

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being a parent.. hearing your kids call you "Dad"?

Have you ever looked back at it all and have the clarity to see the hand of G-d guiding you to exactly where you needed to be?

The most precious moments seem to come when we least expect them. The moments that if we're not careful will fly on by into oblivion, un-noticed. I give us all a blessing that we have the clarity and vision to never let any of these moments pass when sent our way and to cherish them as long as humanly possible when we do happen to capture them.


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