Saturday, April 01, 2006

a nation that has run out of toes to shoot

Its funny to see what some people do with the power that they obtain. Most people use it to better themselves and their friends and family. When it comes to countries, history has shown they tend to flex their muscles and bully around a few neighbors and maybe take over an extra country or two. Its just the nature of power and its always been that way!! Have I got a story for you though!

There's this little dot of a country that has only been around for a very short while. Since its existence its neighbors and the majority of the world has been trying to wipe it off the face of the earth. Even within its borders there exists a nation that's main goal is to wipe it out. Miraculously this little country the size of Rhode Island has become one of the super powers military wise. It has the power to wipe out countries a hundred times its size at a push of a button.

The people of this country have suffered immensely for thousands and thousands of years. They have been expelled from every country they have dwelled. They are a people that are used to being kicked out of their homes. In our life times they have been kicked out of their homes and led to death camps. A little less than a year ago a new trend has begun! A very sick trend that should blow your minds.

As missiles by our enemies fell onto our holy soils our own government decided to kick our own people out of their homes. Jews that have come straight from the death camps of the Holocaust to build their homes are now being evacuated by a Jewish government. The majority of this nation has voted for a government that's main platform is to evacuate more Jews from their homes.

Its leaders have discussed various borders. They have stated they would push for an evacuation till the 67 borders, 48 borders, or 56 borders. This is still unclear, they are still uncertain of how many thousands of Jews will be kicked out of their homes. Its enemies are certain of its borders. There has really never been much debate on the matter. The border they aim for is very clear!! It is not attached to any date but rather to the moon. Its fluctuation is very faint, in the morning, low tide and in the evenings, high tide.

Is your living room safe than?? Are there a number of homes that will satisfy them? Maybe now that we are kicking ourselves out of our homes that will appease them?

This is just stage one!!! Next up.. The story of a nation that first evacuated its own people from their homes and now moves to use its vast military strategies against itself. Grab a chair and a big tub of popcorn and watch as they destroy themselves as its enemies watch in amazement