Friday, November 24, 2006

Post chess game feedback

Any talk of the latest war against the Hezbollah guerillas is usually pretty negative. How the once mighty Israel army was defeated. The mistakes made from top Israeli Officials, the mistakes made from the reservists, the mistakes made by the nation as a whole.

I'm far from a history buff but from my limited knowledge of history I can't recall any nation ever defeating any type of guerilla organization. Israel, USA, England, China, and all the other major nations fighting together would not be able to defeat Hezbollah and its guerillas.

Who's the bad guy? The lady walking her dog? The nice man taking his kids to school? The old man with the cane? The youth playing soccer in the field? Guerillas have a funny way of disguising themselves to look like the good guys. The only way you really know is when you feel the knife in your back.

Therefore the only temporary victory would be an utter annihilation of the nation of Lebabanon including all of its people. No moral nation in the world would do that! Therefore Israel lost this war before shooting its first missile.

Ro'i Klein a reservist left his two sons and wife to do his part as he always did before. Ro'i would do what ever it took to defend his homeland.

Amichai Merchavyah, a fellow reservist was captured by Hezbollah terrorists deep within Lebanon. Ro'i and his fellow soldiers went in pursuit of these terrorists trying to rescue him. They found themselves surrounded in a dead end alley by terrorists who threw a grenade at them.

Ro'i yelled out his final prayer "Shmah Israel" and leaped on top of the grenade. He sparred the lives of his fellow reservists.

The lucky that never had to go to Lebanon have the luxury of pointing fingers. The Top officials who made the decisions from afar now get to pass the buck. Now that the dust has settled the rest of the nations can take out their red markers and cross faces. Ro'i's name will never come up.

Ro'i never made it out of Lebanon to return to his wife and two sons. Ro'i gave his life for his country. Ro'i now is added to the long list of martyr's that have defended its land and history.

As a special gift for Roi's widow Sarah and their two son's the government lead by "peace now" has made a motion to kick them out of their home and land and give it to Palestinians that have never lived there before. Sarah and the many Jew's of Eli are trying to fight against this decision in court.

In these dark times Ro'i has shed light to the eternal victory of the Jew and its Nation.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

marching on holy ground

"A total of over 3,000 police were set to man event on Friday, and a further 2,500 policemen were due to be deployed in east Jerusalem, the Old City and around the Temple Mount out of concern that Palestinians would riot following Wednesday's shelling in Beit Hanun that killed twenty Gazan civilians."

The Jerusalem gay parade ended Friday in relative quiet.

"This test was one of the most complex that the Jerusalem Police, and the Police in general have ever been forced to face."

I have always wondered about these types of parades and marches in general. What are they supposed to accomplish?

Those sitting on the fence, did they decide to turn to a new type of life? Do the Jews in Jerusalem now have a new respect for the gay choice of life? I really don't think so.

Would those that marched in this parade support a "Klu Klu Klan" march in Jerusalem? Would they support a "dedicate your babies to the fires of Molech" parade? After all who draws the lines for freedom of speech?

I've never heard of a case in which salt in an open wound heals. 100 times out of 100 when a small child with an ice cream sticks his tongue out at his foe without and screeches "nah nah nah nah nahhhhh I've got ice cream and youuuuuuuuu don't" that child will have an adverse reaction.

I'm not here to preach about anti- or pro- gay rights. My only point is that methods of Provocation only yield losers on both sides.

The Jerusalem police had more than their hands full with the anticipated reactions from the Arabs surrounding Jerusalem. Was this so important as to endanger the lives of innocent civilians in an event of an Arab attack?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The pitfalls of building blocks without the blocks

I don't know how many times I've had the old switch aroo played on me. People I speak to on the phone or have been in contact though the internet. They just never are the same people that I've created them to be in my head!

Maybe its one of the pitfalls of having a vivid imagination. But how can I always be so far off???? OK maybe you can't see the wings and tail of a dragon on the phone or through an email, but a sensitive people person like myself should be somewhere in the ball park.

Something that takes 2 minutes in person I don't think could be accomplished through a life time of phone conversations and email contact.

It's that person to person connection. There is something that takes place immediately that you know whether you want to see this person again. It's a very powerful thing and I don't think that anyone can really explain it.

It can't be picked up though phone lines, cable, or even ADSL high speed internet! I'm not talking about physical attraction or love at first sight! It's something on a much higher plane that maybe only our souls understand.

There are so many facets to a person. The human being is the most complex ball of atoms on the face of this planet. Before meeting with someone in person only a fool like myself would try imagining who that person really is.

I hope I have learned my lesson to let them build their own foundation stones in my head rather than me build them for them. It's too painful of a process to see so many buildings fall in an instance.