Sunday, July 08, 2007

You've seen one flake you've seen em all

Israel has decided to release 250 Palestinian prisoners! There has been a ton of talk of some type of prisoner exchange in the past year ever since Shaleet was captured. Do we release the prisoners and in return get our soldier back or refuse and hold our ground that we don’t deal with terrorists? Tough decisions!

I don’t know exactly who these prisoners are but I don’t think any of them would make good baby sitters for my children. You don’t go to prison for walking old ladies across the street! What ever they did they will now return to society changed men! They learned their lessons in prison. They all of course realize that peace is the only option and will now stand against those in the way that prevent real peace.

Oooh one small detail that I forgot to mention in this exchane. Its not really an exchange. There will be no soldiers coming home, no information gained on Ron Arad or the many others that have disappeared across the line. We will be releasing these 250 prisoners as a good gesture. That’s right, a good gesture!!!

We are to show our support of Abbas and the Fatah movement. Ok Abbas denies the Holocaust ever happened and also heads/funds many of the smaller off shoot terror cells. So what!!! the past is the past. With the release of these 250 now law abiding changed men Abbas will show a new face towards Israel.

They say in Alaska there are over 100 names for snow! There is flaky snow, round hard snow, slushy snow, big flaky snow, etc, etc. They get a lot of snow in Alaska, you would have to really like snow to live there. To the common person he probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between most of the types, just variations of frozen water!!

Hamas, Fatah, Al Aqsa, Tanzim, PPFLP, etc, etc, To the common person there is not much a difference between each of these groups. Our current government seems to see a difference. I wonder if they would be able to see the difference between the various types of snow??? I suggest putting them all on a one way Jet trip for a long term research project to find out.